Each Day

Longer day’s shorter nights.
This just feels so right.
Life in the sun living life.
What could go wrong?

WindblownTanning our skin; golden.
It won’t look olden.
Behold a time that is so bright.
Where nothing’s wrong.

Summer flings make life fun.
Time under the sun.
Laughing and fooling around.
Just summer love.

Days get shorter, nights long
Where did we go wrong?
Sweaters covering pale skin.
So far away.

The sun isn’t as warm now,
When the snow is plowed.
The cold flakes tingle my skin.
But melt so fast.

Burning Away

Treasure the time we have.
With a nice warm laugh.
That always is filled with love.
Never forget.

Time will never stand still.
For you or for Bill.
So try to treasure each day.
Each day we live.

Photography by Tiffany Tremaine

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2 Responses to “Each Day”

  1. Grandma Breau says:

    What a great poem Grace. You have such a way with words. I enjoy each poem you write!

  2. Julia Rosien says:

    What a beautiful read, Grace and I love your choice of photography – perfectly matched. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

    Your very proud mama

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