There are very few things that I like doing more than writing. I also act. And I would like to direct a play once. Writing calms me down when I’m upset, I’ve been writing a lot more lately, but not posting anything because I’m in the middle of writing a few longer stories.

I hope one day my stories will get published. I have no clue how or when, but right now, that’s one of my biggest dreams.

I love the fall, if I could, I would write all about how the colours of the leaves look perfect together. How if you’re in the middle of the forest, lying on the ground, looking up at the sky, the leaves looks so beautiful. Or if you look out your window, the sad sky looks not so menacing compared to the bright leaves.
Never ask me how a story is going to end, I usually don’t know, I just write and the words come out on their own…Sometimes when I’m writing I feel as though the words won’t come out fast enough.