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Walkway of Hell

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

You’re the boy I can’t keep my eyes off. You’re the boy that as I walk through the halls I see you and blush. You’re the one I’ve had a crush on for years now, you’re the one who won’t like me back.

Captured by Tiffany Tremaine.

Captured by Tiffany Tremaine.

We talk like best friends, act like sweethearts, but we are just friends. All the effort I’ve put in has placed me in this place of friends. But friends is better than strangers. At least it lets me in your life. Your life of confusion and lost love. You’re fighting for a girl who doesn’t love you back. So why don’t you just turn around and let me. I’d show you compassion no other girl would. I’d show you the love I’ve stored up in my chest.

But your happiness isn’t mine to bring. It’s hers. The girl you are fighting so hard for. She’s the one who holds your heart. But I’ll hold your hand and walk beside you down this walkway of hell. I’ll help you get through this broken heart of yours. But I won’t forget the feelings I’ve buried. I’ll push them away so we can be happy.

Captured by Tiffany Tremaine.

Captured by Tiffany Tremaine.

I’ll push them away so I can help you find love. I’ll push them away till I’m convinced they’re gone. But deep down, I’ll always know. Deep down I’ll hate how I never stood up and kissed you. Deep down, I’ll be ashamed. But up front, I am happy. I am here. I am well. I show no sign of the war I’ve fought. I show no sign of the pain I’ve seen.

I’ll store that love for the one who will return it. I’ll store that compassion for someone who will appreciate it. I’ll save myself for someone who is right. I just hope that he’s waiting for me just as I am for him.


Photography by Tiffany Tremaine.

The Crash

Friday, June 8th, 2012

If I lose him… I don’t know what I’ll do…

This is a Fictional Monologue

He was my best friend…. Until the crash… we were walking home and I saw a car swerving on the road, I yelled and he pulled me to him just in time. He could have died. He still can…. He’s in a coma. When the car hit it only hit him, sent us flying, but if he doesn’t wake up… he will wake up. I know he will. He has to; I sit here day and night. Praying. Now that’s something I haven’t done in a while. No one can make me leave.

Sometimes… when I know no one’s going to come in, I crawl up onto the bed with him. I fell asleep like that once. My arms wrapped around him; I felt so safe. I woke up with a blanket on me. I love him. I can’t live without him. I’ve never said I loved someone and actually meant it. But since I’m living without him right now… well I now know that he’s the only one I’ve ever loved. I’m just scared… when that car hit him, his arms went around me… protecting me. He tried giving his life for me. And all I can do is sit here and grieve. But tomorrow is the trial. I will make sure that that man pays for what he did to my best friend. To my life.

I only broke my ankle and wrist. Nothing compared to him. He may have brain damage, he may never wake up… he broke a few bones, but they’re healing fine. What if he doesn’t remember me… what if he forgets everything… I can’t lose him. He’s my life. So this man will pay for what he’s done.

Monologue by: Grace Rosien