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Silence So Loud

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

This is a fictional poem.

His hand on her soft cheek,
Makes her body feel so weak.
She shivers against his body,
He pulls her closer to him;
And all the pain comes back to Kim.
Like a knife in her chest.

The tears roll down her face,
She must be such a disgrace.
Will all this pain ever leave her be?
As he holds her through the night,
He becomes her bright shining knight.
A love unlike the rest.

Depression’s just like a cloud,
Sometimes it’s just so loud.
And blood, the colour of a rose,
Trickles down her arms from fresh wounds.
Her body is now so attuned.
He thinks it’s just a test.

Camp and Saskatoon! 111

She loves him like no other,
But why’s he even bother?
She is not worth any of his pain.
And yet he’s still waiting here.
His love for her won’t last she fears.
Just like all of the rest.

But yet she loves him still,
For her, any empty void he fills.
Her love for him seems to be so strong.
He thinks that it’s all his fault.
She knows it’s almost to a halt.
Their love is for the best.

Strong, in their veins it pounds,
Better than most have found.
Ready to be shared with two lovers.
Thoughts of his lips tingles her mind.
And his touch, for her seems so kind.
A bird protects his nest.

She wishes she could be happy,
For he’s so cutely sappy.
And her body disgraces her.
And sends such shame to her loved ones.
“Fat, ugly, scars!” And for that she runs.
She is never at rest.

Her body feels pain swell,
It’s like a damn living hell.
It burns inside her like a flame.
She wants everything to end.
For there’s no way for it to mend.
She’s told she was the best.

She writes her last goodbye,
For her time to go is nigh.
It couldn’t have gone any better.
She wishes she could feel him near.
But he’s gone, he can’t interfere.
The letter of her rest;

“My dear, I love you so,
But you need to get me go.
This feels like knives in my hurt heart.
But my time has come to a close.
I die by your gift of a rose,
Let me go to my rest.

For you I’d walk million miles,
My one true love, my Kyle.
Never forget the love we shared.
For my time was well spent with you.
For you have always been so true.
Our love was nothing less.

Don’t lose hope in yourself,
And store our love on a shelf.
I wish that our love could last,
You were my one and only love.
So set our love free like a dove.
Just know it’s for the best.”

So as the blood runs out,
She lets out a cry of doubt.
The pain is becoming too much.
As the world starts to fade away;
She wishes to him she could say,
“I wish you all the best.

You made it worth waiting.”
And everything’s fading.
The world that she once knew and loved.
And she see’s him running to her,
Hoping that he can be the cure.
In his arms she’s at rest.

Her life was lost that night,
He has lost all will to fight.
Her family has lost all hope.
Her friends feel a thorn in their hearts.
All their feelings locked in a jar.
Like a knife in their chest.

Their voices like fusion.
The tears like a rough poison.
Will this fresh hole ever close up?
And like an old stone they crumble.
Each lost in pain and so humble.
A young girl now at rest.