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Clarissa – One Year

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

It’s like she’s a ghost, wandering these halls. Every time I think I see her, a thread of hope is

brought back. But in the next second, it’s like it was snipped… Not cleanly, because it continues to bleed and hurt like an infected wound. Do I wish I could forget her? No. Do I want the pain to end? I guess… but does that mean forgetting her?

I’m scared that if the pain goes away, that I’ll forget how much of an impact she made on my life.

I remember once, when I was little and we had to give her and Smodge a bath… My brothers and I sat out on the couch while my mom and dad wrestled with the cats. All we could hear was ‘yowling’ and whispering. Then, everything went quiet and my brothers and I looked at each other, then jumped up all racing to get there first. I was the first one to get there. My mom gave me a bundle of what looked like cloth. But it was warmer, and vibrating. I lookeddown into the bright, little, green eyes of Clarissa. She was growling. After a lot of rubbing and shushing and talking to, Clarissa’s growling turned to purring. I could usually make her purr when she was growling. All my friends and a lot of our family would call her a Demon Kitty, I just called her my baby.

Whenever I was upset or just needed someone to talk or rant to, my cats would be the ones I’d go to. Because they couldn’t judge me.

Whenever I was crying Clarissa would come and curl beside me and lick my face, trying to get me to stop crying. I could use her right now.

I swear she could understand me. That’s why I could never say she was dying. But I’d talk to her for hours. She’d purr right beside me and occasionally lick me.

It feels weird to cry and not have her beside me. It makes me feel  empty. People always tell me that it’s weird to mourn an animal. But she was like a sister to me. Or a daughter. And I feel alone without her.

Everyone needs their time to mourn. And I hope I never forget her.

The Perfect Date

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Have you ever wondered what the perfect date was? Well Sophie wondered what the perfect date, kiss, hug, moment, and everything is… but she was too scared to do anything. But one day, this boy Jack, one of the most popular and cutest boys in school, came up to her and asked her on a date. After realizing he wasn’t kidding she stuttered a yes, he then asked her where she lived and what her phone number was. Sophie was in grade 10 and has black hair with different colours all through it. She doesn’t think she’s all that attractive, but Jack couldn’t think anything but. He thinks she’s gorgeous. Jack is in grade 11 and has a cute brown do. He is super cute and liked by many, but hangs out with a smaller group of friends, even though he wouldn’t have trouble being popular. Saturday arrived and Sophie was up early, but Jack also was.

Sure looks like a fairy tale huh?

When Sophie was waiting for Jack to arrive she was pacing all over the house freaking out… she had been stressing about it all week. She really wanted everything to be perfect.  When she heard his heavy steps on the stair her heart did a few flutters then a huge back-flip and when she heard his knock she didn’t want to seem too eager so she walked slowly and opened the door. But as she did so the grin upon his face made her heart sail.

It was their first date so it was nothing too formal, just a picnic date. So she got in his truck with the lunch on her lap. There was a small awkward silence but he broke it by turning on the music and clumsily singing along. Then she started to sing and he stopped and just listened. Then when she started to notice that he wasn’t singing he began to sang along again laughing the whole time.

When they got to the park they were trying not to pass out from laughing so hard. He took her into a small area that wasn’t too crowded, there was a small stream and he thought it would be perfect. It was, instead of eating right away he pulled her out and they tossed a football and he threw it too far and she backed up into the stream.

He ran over and she was laughing so hard she was crying. But when he reached down to grab her up she pulled him down into it, trying not to crush her he pulled her from under him and started splashing her, soaking her shorts and his. By the time they were done they were soaked to the bone. She went over and laid in the sun, he pulled off his shirt and she opened her eyes and gasped, he had a gorgeous body.

They pulled out the food and chatted the whole time, this day was starting to be perfect. Right as they were finishing their food it started to rain. Sophie was upset, thinking their picnic was ruined, but Jack didn’t seem to care. He just pulled her into the rain and danced, singing the songs they sang in the truck. Then she started singing a different one, a slow one, and he knew it but just pulled her close, humming the melody, her voice died down slowly and they just rocked, and as she looked up into those beautiful green eyes, wet hair, and rain falling between them, she knew this day was perfect, and couldn’t get any better. That is until he leaned down and she closed her eyes her heart leaping, and kissed her. Slow at first then wanting her closer.

He pulled away laughing, and a tiny laugh bubbled up to her lips, she realized her hands were in his hair, having just going up there without her noticing. She lowered them but before she could let him go he grabbed her hand. He then said they probably should leave so they don’t both get sick. As they walked back they swung their arms, she hadn’t said anything since the kiss, and he thought maybe she was nervous. But she just couldn’t form any words, her mind was still swirling.

When they got in the truck he threw his shirt in the back, knowing it would be no use having it on. She opened her mouth to say something but instead reached for the radio and started singing the country song that was on. The ride home was pretty much the same as the ride there, except only they held hands the way home. Sophie now knows what the perfect date is. Her questions answered she does this every weekend with Jack. Making it a constant reminder of how their first date went.